You have the following rate options which can be cancelled at any time:

Option 1: Locked-In Price with Flex Down Opportunity SM Rate (Current Default Rate): Beginning with your December 2018 meter read through your May 2019 meter read your rate will be capped at $0.444/Ccf. During these periods, your rate will not exceed the capped rate. If market prices dictate, your monthly rate could also decrease. After your May 2019 meter read, your rate will be the Monthly Variable Rate as described below unless another rate cap is implemented. As your authorized agent, the Township can request a rate cap for the remaining months of the term (June 2019 through August 2019 meter reads) at any time. In the event another rate cap is implemented, notices will be sent to aggregation members participating in this option.

Option 2: Monthly Variable Rate: This rate option may change on a monthly basis based on supply costs including commodity, transportation and balancing risk components, plus a margin. If you wish to participate in this option and for your monthly supply rate to remain variable, you must contact Constellation at the number listed below.

In addition to your gas supply rate, Duke Energy will bill for distribution and other fees including applicable sales tax. Please see the enclosed FAQs and Terms and Conditions for additional details regarding the rate options and other terms of the program. If at any time the Township changes the Current Default Rate to a different pricing option, an opt-out notification will be sent to all program participants.

You Are Automatically Enrolled in Option 1: There is no cost to enroll. Enrollment in Option 1 is automatic for those who are eligible, unless you opt out of the program or call and request Option 2.

This is the form people need to fill out and sign to enroll in the electric program. People should use this if they did not receive an offer (opt out) in the mail or also if they cancel with another supplier and wish to join.

They will need to return the forms to Jennifer at Engergy Allliances – then we forward to AEP Energy for enrollment, which takes up to 2 billing cycles. The rate is $0.0536 per kwh and is effective until July, 2021. There are no termination fees.