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Snow Removal Information

The safety of the residents is of the utmost concern for the Batavia Township Trustees and Service Department. Every effort will be taken to make sure that all Township roads will be plowed of snow and ice in a timely fashion using all resources of the Township.

In an effort to be environmentally responsible we will give consideration to the amount of salt used on the roadway using only the amount needed to remove the present danger from the roads.

The amount will vary according to weather, road conditions and the availability of salt. In the rare event of a shortage of salt it is expected there will be an effort to treat only hills, bridges and intersections with salt and to use snow plows to remove the remainder. The Service Director will decide what measures w ill be taken to treat the roads.

Who Cleans My Street?

We maintain only the roads that are under the jurisdiction of the Township. The Clermont County Engineers Office maintains these county roadways: Benton Road, Olive Branch-Stonelick Road, Bach-Buxton Road, Clough Pike, Old SR 74, Old SR 32, Amelia-Olive Branch Road, Batavia Road, Bauer Road, Chapel Road, College Drive, Filager Road, Herold Road, Hospital Drive, James E. Sauls Sr. Drive, Mt. Holly Road, and Taylor Road. The Ohio Department of Transportation maintains these state roadways, State Routes 32, 132, 222, 125, and 276.

**If you are in a new subdivision your street may not be dedicated, if this is the case, your street will not be salted or plowed by the Township. However, you may need to contact your developer who is responsible for maintaining the streets within your neighborhood.**

Who Determines When to Salt the Streets?

The Township Service Director monitors the road conditions when snow begins to accumulate on the pavement surface. He will then determine the call out needs by checking radar images and the latest forecast. Our trucks are on the road within 15 to 30 minutes of being called out.

Mailbox Replacement Policy

Effective January 1, 2010, any properly installed mailbox in the public right-of-way that is damaged by a Township vehicle in the process of snow removal or work detail shall be replaced at the Township’s expense. Any and all mailboxes damaged shall be replaced with a standard size black metal mailbox placed on a treated pine or cedar 4” x 4” post designed for the purpose of supporting the mailbox.

In the event that a resident wishes to replace the mailbox themselves or the mailbox has a greater value, then the Township will make payment to the resident of up to a maximum of $100.00 provided the resident produces a receipt for the cost of the materials.