Active Cemeteries



Visitors are welcome but please remember that the dignity and tranquility of the cemeteries must be preserved. Children must at all times be under immediate and strict supervision. Visitation hours are from dawn to dusk. Pets are not permitted on the cemetery grounds unless confined to a leash or owner’s vehicle. An exception is made in the case of animals used to assist the visual or hearing impaired.

No one shall drive, ride or park on any part of the cemetery grounds except cemetery roadways. Bicycles are not permitted.

Visitors are prohibited from removing flowers, decorations and other objects from graves other than those of the family, unless the Supervisor grants permission.

No one shall pluck any flowers, wild or cultivated, break or injure any plant, tree or shrub.


Planting of vegetation (plants & shrubs) on graves is prohibited. Flowers and other decorations placed on graves **WILL BE REMOVED TEN DAYS AFTER HOLIDAYS**.

Arrangements designed for attachment to markers are permitted, but are subject to removal if they detract from the general appearance of the cemetery.

Boxes, shells, decorating rocks and toys and similar objects are not permitted on the graves.

Glass containers and fencing are not permitted. Batavia Township will not assume responsibility for flowers or other decorations on gravesites.

Purchase of Lots

Cemetery lots may be purchased from the Service Director at the Batavia Township Maintenance Department, 2401 Old SR. 32, Batavia, Ohio, phone 732-1363.

Prices are listed on the attached schedule and are subject to change. Corner stones are required and are included in the cost of gravesites. Any lot owner may grant permission, in writing, for the burial of other than the immediate family on the lot.

Control of graves may be transferred to the heirs of the deceased, but for continuance of ownership, the heir that has the deed in his possession controls the use of the graves.

Batavia Township does not re-purchase lots.


Cost is listed on the attached schedule and is subject to change. Funerals must be coordinated through the Township. A minimum of 36 hours notice is required. Phone 732-1363.

Those persons making the arrangements must meet with the Maintenance Supervisor at the cemetery, and designate the gravesite, and sign a Responsibility Form for location of burial.

No funerals are permitted on Sunday, holidays or holiday weekends.

All interments must be placed in a concrete vault, top-seal liner or concrete box.

Only Township employees are allowed to dig graves or perform related labor on cemetery grounds.

Cremations may be buried in one grave or one grave can hold two (2) containers of ashes. Cremations buried in an occupied grave require a ground level marker.


Cost for foundations is listed on the attached schedule and is subject to change. The Township Maintenance Department as time permits will install foundations. Payment must be made at the time of the order.

All grave markers must be commercially marketed and no broken or defaced markers shall be erected.

Vases and urns are allowed by specific permission. A foundation is required.

Batavia Township is not responsible for damage to markers caused by ordinary maintenance care.

Any person violating the cemetery rules and regulations contained herein is subject to loss of visitation privileges and is subject to legal prosecution.


The cemeteries are operated by the Board of Trustees of Batavia Township under the direction of the Township Service Director

Cemetery records are maintained at Batavia Township Community Center, 1535 Clough Pike, Old St Rt. 32. For additional information and assistance contact the Service Director at 513-732-1363.

Inactive Cemeteries