Office Hours: Monday-Friday | 7:00 am to 3:30 pm
Service Department Location: 2401 Old State Route 32, Batavia, Ohio 45103
513-732-3888 ext #9

The department is headed by the Service Director, Cody Smith. Cody administers the department’s day-to-day operations, such as road surfacing, repairing damaged asphalt, park maintenance, snow removal, maintaining the Township’s cemeteries, and the maintenance of road curbs and gutters. Including Cody, the Service Department consists of six full-time dedicated employees.

Public Right of Way

The public “right-of-way” or a “right-of-way easement” is the right of use over land or real property of another for a special purpose. “Right-of-way” is land area that is reserved for government or public utility uses such as a street, utility equipment such as powerlines, sidewalks, road signage, or other public uses. If you have a question about who maintains your road, HERE IS A LIST OF RIGHT-OF-WAY AUTHORITIES.

The Service Department maintains the right-of-way in the areas of road mowing, tree trimming, storm sewers, and street signs. We also remove dead animals, however the carcass must be over 50 pounds.

Batavia Township requires that you must obtain a permit prior to the start of any excavation within the right-of-way. This includes curb gutter, storm drainage, sewer tie-ins, water main tie-ins, street construction and/or repairs, and road cuts. The only exception would be in the case of an emergency requiring immediate action to protect the welfare of the community.

Removal of Dead Animals

If you spot a dead animal on any of the Township roads, you may call or email the Service Department online by using our “Inform Us” form. The Service Department will only pick up animals over 50 pounds and depending on the level of decomposition, we may remove the animal or use a substance that will help increase the rate of putrefaction and help reduce the odor.

For a dead animal pick up on county roadways you must call the Clermont County Engineer's office at 732-8857 and for state routes you will need to call Ohio Department of Transportation at 797-6008.

Mowing and Tree Trimming / Road Mowing

The Townships mowing session starts early spring and ends late fall. It is our goal to keep the right-of-ways mowed and free of liter, which will help enhance the look of our community. The Service Department will mow or trim any right-of-way that diminishes sight distance. We also trim around obstructed signs and guardrails.

Tree Trimming

The Service Department will trim or cut tree branches that are extending over the pavement or obscuring any pedestrian or safety signs. In residential districts, we will attempt to notify the Home Owners Association in a timely manner.

Storm Sewers

Batavia Township Service Department is responsible for the maintenance of the storm sewers (open ditches, road culverts, catch basins, and curb and gutter) located within the public right-of-way. Our crews will inspect, clean, repair or replace any parts necessary to keep the flow of storm water.

The property owner is responsible for storm sewer pipes, ditches and catch basins that are located on private property outside the public right-of-way.

If you would like us to inspect a possible blocked storm sewer, please contact the Service Department.

We would like to ask that all Township residents help preserve the storm sewers and ditches. To achieve this, only storm water should go into these systems. Debris such as leaves, tree limbs and plant growth can block or slow the system reducing water flow through the system. The results of clogged storm system can be hazardous to a motorist and cause heavy damage to a home. If this should occur, our crews will make an every effort to clear the blockage to help prevent any unsafe situation. If this does not work, the last resort is to dig the pipe up and remove the blockage.

We would like to inform you that storm water flows into the nearby creeks, retention ponds, lakes, rivers, and your neighbors adjoining property. These systems should not be used to dump your waste, such as oils or paints, which are hazardous to the environment. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to preserve and protect these waterways on your property.

Are you aware that if you have frontage tile in the front of your residents it is your responsibility as a homeowner to maintain it. Failure to do so could result in the removal of the tile. If you currently have any open ditch on your property, you cannot obstruct or divert its flow without a permit from the Township.

Hours of operation are 7:00 am - 3:30 pm , Monday thru Friday. After business hours please leave a voice message at 732-1363 or EMAIL THE SERVICE DIRECTOR.