Natural Gas Aggregation Program renewal ON HOLD due to high prices - The Township is monitoring closely

As part of the Township's Natural Gas Aggregation program, the Township has made a practice to partner with other communities to get the best deal possible for the residents. The big idea behind aggregation is that a larger customer allows for more competitive rates – the supplier is better-incentivized to be more competitive.

We understand residents have received letters regarding natural gas energy aggregation. In 2022, like many neighboring peer communities in Clermont and Hamilton County, we were due to renew and lock in new rates for natural gas - for electric the Township's renewal is in 2023. However, pricing volatility in the energy market (whether it is for gasoline or natural gas) has led to some unfavorable rates (issues outside the control of the Township including weather, European conflicts and Federal energy policy). We continue to work with our energy broker, Energy Alliances, Inc. to lock in the best rates possible under the current realities.

In the meantime, your natural gas supply will be shifted back to Duke Energy for service.

What do you need to do in the meantime?

You do not need to do anything for this shift to happen. We hope a new supply contract will be put into place quickly when we can secure the best rate possible. But if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Energy Alliances at (513) 794-5555.

The goal or hope is that the natural gas commodity prices will dissipate to competitive levels before the upcoming winter of 2022-2023. The good news is in the short term, in the warmer summer months, less natural gas is used.

Check out Energy Alliances' website for more information:

If you have questions, Energy Alliances can be reached at (513) 794-5555.

* from Energy Alliances